Concrete Dust wrote a post about this decorative concrete opportunity to clean up for yourself on the Clearance Page at Engrave-A-Crete, having learned about it through Groov-E-News.

End of the year tax benefits for acquiring new tools make the possibilities look even more inviting.  In addition, there are some gently used tools from the 2011 Discovery and Training Seminars


According to a post at Concrete Dust, reporting on a post at Groov-E-News, flooring has been steadily profitable for Flooring Consultants, Inc of Sherwood, AR.

Flooring Consultants offer both new construction and renovation of existing floors to transform them into beautiful, low maintenance, long lasting and economical flooring.  Each floor has its own beautiful character, making it a unique, useful work of art.

Concrete Dust wrote that Groov-E-News has announced Engrave-A-Crete’s  intention to attend the GIE+ Expo | Hardscape North America 2011 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY on the weekend of Oct. 27-28, 2011.

There will be some special things available at Booth $1158!

  • The Paver Package, being introduced at the GIE+ Expo New Products Arena
  • The latest catalog for Engrave-A-Crete tools and supplies
  • The IDEA BOOK for Decorative Concrete — Printed copies.

Sign up at the booth for a free information packet that will be at your mailbox by the time you get home or shortly thereafter.

Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy noticed that ConcreteDust reviewed a post by Groov-E-New/Engrave-A-Crete entitled Basketball Court Creator Kit.

The kit contains decorative concrete engraving tools  — Mongoose and Wasp, along with directions for creating a high school regulation sized basketball court on any large enough flat surface.

Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy notes that ConcreteDust has reviewed a blog post from Groov-E-News/Engrave-A-Crete entitled  Jim Peterson of asks, “Where Are We Now?”

Where we are is this — we are bogged in an uninviting economy for new construction, but a sweet spot for remodeling.

DCEYIG mentions that ConcreteDust suggests ways that decorative concrete engravers can work to reach the end user market.   You know ConcreteDust — she’s going to say what she thinks.

Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy writes about a post at ConcreteDust recommending a third post at Groov-E-News/Engrave-A-Crete entitled “Seven Reasons to Farm the Farmers’ Market for Decorative Concrete“.

There is not always a connection between you and larger trade shows in your service area.  That doesn’t mean you have to remain the ‘stealth’ decorative concrete engraver.   You can have a mini-trade show at the local farmers’ market and still reach people.  People who may attend the next trade show where you have a booth and who will recognize you.  It’s all about networking and building trust.  People want to know the people they work with more than they will admit.

Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy tells us of a new post at Concrete Dust, entitled, Strike Up the Band And Get Your Decorative Concrete Biz in the Parade, talks about a post over at Groov-E-News entitled, Decorative Concrete Engraving and the 4th of July

Networking in the neighborhood is the main goal for your business when watching for events in which to participate. However, the secondary goal is the warm and fuzzy experience of helping in the community.