Easy Ways To Add Video To Your Business Marketing

February 1, 2010

Hopefully you’re at least somewhat convinced that video is a powerful way to market your decorative concrete business.

But how do you add video to your daily repertoire of activities without it seeming like a burden?

Here are a few tips to easily add video to your daily routine.

1) Get a Camera

If you don’t already have an easily portable digital video camera, or a mobile phone capable of taking digital video, consider purchasing an inexpensive portable video camera like the Flip cam which takes video in HD format, and has a built in USP port for easily uploading the video to your computer… it even comes with a simple bit of editing software, all for less than $200.

2) Start Shooting

Take a video of anything and everything that you are doing – you can never have too much video, and then select what you want to publish later by heavy editing.

4) Use Yourself As a Subject

The real subject of your video should be your business and the service it provides, but take lots of video of yourself talking to the camera and explaining what you are doing. Always act as if you are making the video for one single person.

You’ve no doubt seen episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where Ty and Paul walk around holding a video camera at arms length and talking to it.

Why do they do this so much?  ‘Cause it works! People like feeling like you’re talking to them, and this also lets potential customers get to know you before they get to know you.

5) Always Include Contact Information

Don’t neglect to tell people how to get in touch with you.

6) Upload Video Daily

Be sure to upload video to YouTube as often as you can – the more, the better.

Also be sure to title and describe your videos with words that your potential customers would use to find someone like you.

And include your contact information in the description.

7) Embed the Videos

YouTube allows you to embed your videos pretty much anywhere you want them.

Put them on your blog and Facebook page – anywhere people wills see them.

Remember, you are doing this not for personal narcissistic reasons – you are a business and businesses require promotion, and no one is going to promote you like you can.

Take these easy steps and start adding video to your decorative concrete business today.

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