Final Sealing | After Staining & Engraving

February 5, 2010

When the surface is completely clean and dry, and all stain touchups have been completed, the project is ready for the final sealer.

The exact product used for the initial coat of sealer, which served to protect our stain during the engraving operations, is what we will use for our final sealer.

On exterior projects, the most common sealer is solvent based acrylic. The recommended method of application is by pump sprayer. If you use Concrete Resurrection water reducible concentrate to stain the surface, it is required that you spray the solvent based sealer on.

A professional grade metal pump sprayer utilizing Viton seals is required when using solvent based sealers. Special attention to personal safety is recommended when using this product to include safety goggles and masks.

Be sure your environment has appropriate ventilation to allow solvent fumes to dissipate.

As you are spraying the sealer, move the wand in a circular motion. This will lay the sealer down more uniformly on the concrete.

On exterior surfaces, it is recommended that a non?skid additive be broadcast onto the surface then locked in with a final sealer coat. This will minimize the possibility of slips and falls.

Purchase the DVD Mastering Concrete Engraving, The Basics to see this series in its entirety.


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