A Queens, New York community favored pavers for driveways and patios until engraver Butchie Sapici of Amberdonia came to town. His customer had a driveway in this ‘paver neighborhood’ which contained 20 yr old concrete. You can see the artwork that Butchie created at Decorative Concrete | Cobblestone Driveway | Brooklyn, New York, a post in the official blog for Engrave-A-Crete, Groov-E-News. The European fan cobblestone pattern was engraved in the existing concrete using a template produced by Engrave-A-Crete. Lined with red brick engraving, this driveway fits the community preference and has none of the drawbacks associated with pavers.


Groov-E News, official blog for Engrave-a-Crete has been following all the possible options social media offers decorative concrete engravers when they are marketing their business.

We learned recently that engravers do ‘get’ it about using Social Media sites and tools. Twitter is something that presents a challenge because it seems kind of silly at the first looks. In Ten Twitter Mistakes Made by Businesses, Chip Cheagle discusses the opinions about how to post at Twitter, including how often. He refers to another article with which he disagrees heartily on several points. So, the discussion brings value in considering different choices and getting different points of view. Then, we can take a view of our own situation and apply what we can use.

Another Groov-E-News item talks about Online Reputation Management in Claiming Your Internet Territory. If we won’t get active and begin to post about our business, there is a great likelihood that someone who disagrees with our and our service will. That’s not a bad thing, especially if they have an issue that we should address. However, it is a rotten shame to let bad experiences be all that speaks for us online, with little evidence of our customer service policies or anything else about us.

Stay tuned for more about the benefits and maybe pitfalls awaiting excited decorative concrete engravers as they use social media and the internet to market their businesses. The marketing team at Engrave-A-Crete is committed to staying informed and sharing that information.