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May 19, 2010

Concrete Dust found some interesting information for decorative concrete engraving

Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy has a post about new information coming down the pike regarding Engrave-A-Crete and has been running several discount codes for customers to enjoy as they  learn more about the new online shopping  for concrete engraving supplies and tools.

There was some wondering if people would take to shopping for things like acid stain, pigmented stain, a Mongoose 411 or templates online.  But, they have been doing quite well.  Shopping at a time that is convenient for them. Or using the shopping cart to accumulate their order and be able to run their check list and avoid forgetting things.

The ‘secretcode’ discount is one that is available at all times.  It works for a discount if a shopper didn’t receive an email about a deal.  Or didn’t see a print ad with a coupon code.  Or doesn’t use Facebook and Twitter.   A shopper simply has to enter ‘secretcode’ in the form asking for coupon codes.  The secret part is the changes made weekly.

According to a recent blog post at Groov-E-News, only one coupon can be honored on each order.  A customer can select the best for their needs, either the coupon code they learned about somewhere or the “secretcode”.


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