Decorative Concrete Engravers Do it Groovy wrote that  Concrete Dust posted opinion about  a post at Groov-E-News mentioning several decorative concrete engravers who use Facebook successfully and vigorously to market their businesses and interact with customers.

The relationship that is akin to friendship from that interaction is the stuff that business depth is built on.  We’re all proud for the  one-time customer , but developing a communicating relationship with as many as possible is terrific.


oncrete Dust wrote a post discussing information in a post at Groov-E-News about how decorative concrete contractors can and must use the internet to market their businesses and to serve their customers.  If the customer can’t find information about you using a smart phone, tablet or computer, both you and the customer lose.

So check the posts and figure out which of the items you can apply.

Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy blog wrote a post discussing information posted at Concrete Dust and Groov-E-News about the new decorative concrete flooring technique soon to be released by Engrave-A-Crete.

The high-gloss dimensional finish makes plain gray concrete resemble polished marble or granite.