Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy wrote about a couple fun posts training through Concrete Dust and Groov-E-News about the Cobra concrete cutting tool from Engrave-A-Crete.  The proposal is that this favorite tool shares powerful DNA with the King Cobra snake, Carroll Shelby’s AC-Cobra engine and the Cobra Helicopter.

One thing is certain, the tool is regarded as a dream machine by decorative concrete engravers who are tasked to cut straight lines or other geometric patterns.  The machine is operated standing instead of on the knees because of an adjustable handle.  Other valuable accessories include directional wheels, a center pivot and connecting rods.


Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy found a post at Concrete Dust referring to an article at Groov-E-News about two Missouri businesses working out a deal on decorative concrete engraving.

One company needed their floors redone.  As a concrete production company, doing something with the concrete floors in the building seemed more appropriate than carpet or tile.  The other company is a decorative concrete engraving business.  The second company created beauty for the first and also gets to use the floors as show pieces for their future customers.

Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy refers to a post at Concrete Dust about another article at Groov-E-News discussing the Wasp, a tool that is part of the Kaleidocrete System for engraving on concrete.

The Wasp is easy to use for detail work, touch ups and freehand designs.  If you can use a pencil, you can use a Wasp