Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy noticed that ConcreteDust reviewed a post by Groov-E-New/Engrave-A-Crete entitled Basketball Court Creator Kit.

The kit contains decorative concrete engraving tools  — Mongoose and Wasp, along with directions for creating a high school regulation sized basketball court on any large enough flat surface.


Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy notes that ConcreteDust has reviewed a blog post from Groov-E-News/Engrave-A-Crete entitled  Jim Peterson of asks, “Where Are We Now?”

Where we are is this — we are bogged in an uninviting economy for new construction, but a sweet spot for remodeling.

DCEYIG mentions that ConcreteDust suggests ways that decorative concrete engravers can work to reach the end user market.   You know ConcreteDust — she’s going to say what she thinks.

Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy writes about a post at ConcreteDust recommending a third post at Groov-E-News/Engrave-A-Crete entitled “Seven Reasons to Farm the Farmers’ Market for Decorative Concrete“.

There is not always a connection between you and larger trade shows in your service area.  That doesn’t mean you have to remain the ‘stealth’ decorative concrete engraver.   You can have a mini-trade show at the local farmers’ market and still reach people.  People who may attend the next trade show where you have a booth and who will recognize you.  It’s all about networking and building trust.  People want to know the people they work with more than they will admit.